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Future Trends

In the first semester, you will broaden your horizons and gain new perspectives. By working together in changing interdisciplinary teams, you will have the opportunity to get to know all participants well during this semester. There will be weekly meetings, mostly in presence.

The Future Trends Seminar is divided into three phases:


After a short introduction to the topic of innovation, there will be Inspirational Meetups with innovation experts from academia and practice.

Analysis of Future Trends

In interdisciplinary teams, you will analyze trends from different areas and perspectives. The selection of the topic is guided by the interests of your team.

Results are presented to experts from science and practice and discussed with them.

Idea development for innovative business ideas

Building on the inspirations from Phase 1 and the trends from Phase 2, problem areas for new business models are identified in a structured process.

In interdisciplinary teams, a short design-thinking cycle is run through in order to end up with ideas that have the potential for a business start-up. This is the preparation for the second semester: Prototype & Pitch. In addition, the results will be discussed with experts from the field.