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Prototype & Pitch

In the second semester, you have the opportunity to work out a business idea in an interdisciplinary team in the Prototype & Pitch seminar: Problem validation, market analysis, prototyping and pitching. You will learn how to turn your business idea step by step into a prototype and then pitch it in front of an audience. You will also learn skills to reflect and develop your entrepreneurial personality and deal with team conflicts.

The following elements are part of this semester:

  1. Coaching of the teams by professors who are passionate about entrepreneurship and experts from the field.
  2. Q&A-Sessions (online Q&A sessions) with practitioners on topics such as market validation, startup law, marketing & sales and finance.
  3. Skill-Sessions (workshops in presence): Team building, negotiation skills and pitch training.
  4. Pitches: at least two interim presentations of the teams to selected professors and experts. A final event where the teams present their business models to a broader audience.

In general, the teams are guided by the „Double Diamond Design Process“ this semester.